Two Countries=Two Weddings

Equals two anniversaries!  Last week on 9/19 we had our second wedding anniversary, of our first year of marriage.  One of the benefits of being a bicultural couple, is that you get two weddings and two anniversaries.  Last year I blogged more about the adventures my family went on, than  our Turkish wedding reception.  Which was awesome.   At our Turkish reception we had a live jazz band in an outdoor garden.  Same players, same dress, different flowers, different tie.  And I sang.

At the U.S. wedding Bülent sang me an amazing love song called “Hatırla Sevgilim” or “Remember Darling.”  Not only was it a lovely song, but he has a beautiful voice.

Also, brand new gorgeous husband singing to you–

The stuff dreams are made of…sing

Wanting to be equally romantic, at the Turkish wedding, I sang Bülent a song.

(See look, same dress, veil and suit—different color tie)


Unfortunately, singing is not my gift. So really, it was very sentimental and romantic—because there was no other redeeming value. When I got up on stage with the band, one of them asked me what key I was singing in. I think the look of panic tipped her off—Key, What key? She said they would just follow me…The song, Üsküdar’a Gider İken, is a classic Turkish folk song. I would recommend listening to it, it is lovely and the rendition linked is great.

It is about the rain in Istanbul, a woman and a man.  Clearly all the essentials for romance.  Also it explains the pink umbrella I am brandishing in the photo.  Yes, at one point I was swinging it around and about.  Very sassily.  It earned me a cheer from the guests.


So, happy 2nd 1st anniversary baby!  We are on our way to a long life together.  Let’s look at those numbers:

1 year of marriage
3 years in Turkey
7 years of living together
8 years together in total

This morning we made omelets and toast, then snuggled on the couch and drank our coffee, just like almost every Sunday for the last eight years.  And you know what–I really don’t want to do anything else…Perfect.  Just perfect.

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