Back In NH

I have been back in NH for eight days.   I have missed being here. Though it has not been my normal visit.   It has been different this time around.  There is an underlying sadness.  Not grief or depression, but a melancholy that surrounds us all.  When know why, and it is not ignored, but neither is it discussed.

It has a busy week.  I flew in on Monday to NYC.  I had to reroute because I missed my flight due to a delay.  Tuesday I hung out  with my aunt and darling cousin, and shopped.  Then I spent a week with my  dad dad at the hospital.

Tonight is my third night at my parents home, though  both my mom and dad are at the hospital. Tomorrow my dad is having surgery.  Wish us all luck.

4 thoughts on “Back In NH

  1. Oh gosh, I hope you and your family are doing ok. My Dad is ill also, and I really hear you on “it is not ignored, but neither is it discussed” – this is SUCH a Yankee thing (I am in New England too). I can’t help but wonder how this differs from Turkish ways – my husband is so out there about talking about these things…in any case, you are in my thoughts. From a sister in Turkish-American marriagehood even though I don’t know you! Hang in there! Take care of yourself!!!

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