I have survived the first week of school.  It went pretty well.  I missed teaching and the kids.  There is something special about the first week of school, when the kids are a little scared and trying to make a good impression.

A lot of my students from last year have come looking for me and have asked how my father is.  They knew he was ill, but are surprised when I tell them he died.  A couple times little girls have actually teared up.

Being back I knew people might ask how it was to be home and how my father is. What I didn’t expect from people is the comment…Wow you had a really long vacation!  They seemed to skipped over the terminal illness and death thing.   I had a particularly awkward encounter with  my neighbor.  First she commented on my long vacation, I said I went home because my father was very ill—he had cancer.  So then she asked what kind.  I said prostate because I don’t know how to say endocrine tumor in Turkish.  She said, oh..that’s not so bad, my father has that, then she asked how my father was now.  Dead.   I think she has been avoiding eye contact.

On my quest to have a more balanced life, I have been going to bed earlier this year.  It makes such a difference to go to sleep at 10 instead of 12.  It makes the morning so much less painful.  On the other hand, it is a habit that makes mornings come early.  It means that by 9 am this morning, I had showered, blown my hair dry, had breakfast, and walked the dog.  I had tried to sleep in, but to no avail.  I have a wedding to go to tonight.  I will have to take a nap to be able to stay conscious past 10!

3 thoughts on “Survived!

  1. I had a similar situation when I learned my mother had terminal cancer. Some woman told me that yogurt was a cure! I just tried to remember that she wasn’t trying to be cruel. But you are right, it is terribly embarrassing for both parties.

    One time in the US, I was working at a factory and I got a call from my mom to tell me that he had had a heart attack (in the doctor’s office).While I was waiting for the supervisor to tell him I had to leave work, some co-worker came to me and told me not to be too upset because “he is in a better place.” I was shocked and snapped back. “Well, I hope so. He isn’t dead. He’s in a hospital.”

    I hope you are coping and of course, the best thing is to work and keep busy. That’s what I found that helped.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I know…That Better Place comment makes me want to puke. It is difficult dealing with people who mean well, but who say such irritating things. My condolences for your losses.

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