Finally, we did it!

Engagement photos…What were you thinking?

Bulent and I were engaged in February, right before we left for Turkey.  He waited until we were in NH, in order to ask my parent’s permission.   Since we got engaged I have been wanting to get some “Engagement Photos.”  I know it sounds corny, but professional photos just look so good.  I wanted photos together at an occasion other than a wedding where we could be ourselves, and hopefully wear jeans.  I wanted these photos to be representative of our feelings.  I also wanted to be able to look back, when saggy and wrinkled and think “Damn we looked good!” 

We are always thinking we need to lose weight, exercise more, we could look better, etc.   However, I bet in thirty years we will all think that our younger selves looked just fine, and we will wish that we could look like that again. 


Friends and Family, leave a comment if you want me to email you the rest of the photos.


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