Two Years?!?!

Seriously.  This week we had a couple of anniversaries.  Monday, the 14th was our second anniversary of our engagement.


We had left San Diego and were in NH on a stopover on the way to Turkey.   Bulent  took me shoe shopping and told me he would buy me this gorgeous pair of pumps for Valentine’s Day.  He asked me to try them on one more time before we left and when I opened the shoe box there was a (conflict free) diamond ring in the heel of the shoes.

This weekend was another huge landmark–It was the 2nd anniversary of our move to Turkey.  When we moved here two years ago I spoke almost no Turkish.  I could say please, thank you, and how are you (formal).  Now I can argue, barter, flatter and swear (just a little) in Turkish.  I wouldn’t say I am fluent, but I can get my point across.

I have traveled  quite a bit and seen most of the western side of the country.


I have eaten and eaten.

Marmaris JulyAug 2009 067Marmaris JulyAug 2009 095Marmaris JulyAug 2009 107Marmaris JulyAug 2009 136

In Marmaris and Bodrum, lokum and köfte

And eaten and eaten.

Sept 013NovDec 209 005


Kokoreç and midye tava, Thanksgiving, Sosli soğanli durum döner and cheap organic pazar goodies.

NovDec 209 028

Two Christmases!


Set two kitchens on fire!


Celebrated two birthdays!

January 2010 029sof

Visited home three times.

Made lots of new friends!


Learned how to make (and not make) cakes from scratch.

Spring 2010 Ankara 106

Cuddled and fed stray puppies and street dogs.

Made several Mediterranean and Aegean Road trips.

Had the pleasure of hosting family on their visits to Turkey.

weddankara wed

Had two weddings, in two countries to one man.


A whole lotta of Turkey seen and done, but many adventures to come!

One Year Anniversary

I have been in Turkey for one year.  A full year of living in a country where I am not part of the hegemonic culture.  Being an outsider in a different land has allowed me to observe Turkish culture closely and learn more about my own.  When your culture is not the mainstream culture, it is easy to see what your own culture is, since it contrasts with the culture around you.  It has been a great year, and a fun one, filled with food, travels and excitement.  Things have changed a little since I started working again, become more routine.  However, life is still fun and exciting.  We are finding our niche, making friends.  It always takes a while to make a new city “home.”  We are finding our favorite places, our favorite restaurants, bars and hangouts.  The process in itself is fun and exciting. I am sure the next year in Turkey will be just as great as the first.


Finally, we did it!

Engagement photos…What were you thinking?

Bulent and I were engaged in February, right before we left for Turkey.  He waited until we were in NH, in order to ask my parent’s permission.   Since we got engaged I have been wanting to get some “Engagement Photos.”  I know it sounds corny, but professional photos just look so good.  I wanted photos together at an occasion other than a wedding where we could be ourselves, and hopefully wear jeans.  I wanted these photos to be representative of our feelings.  I also wanted to be able to look back, when saggy and wrinkled and think “Damn we looked good!” 

We are always thinking we need to lose weight, exercise more, we could look better, etc.   However, I bet in thirty years we will all think that our younger selves looked just fine, and we will wish that we could look like that again. 


Friends and Family, leave a comment if you want me to email you the rest of the photos.