2nd Year!

366 days ago I got married.  Today is the 1st day of my second year of marriage!  (Which means yesterday was my 1st anniversary-but I couldn’t post since I had to finish a paper for my Masters)

My husband is actually in Turkey, and I am in NH—So we did not celebrate this anniversary in person together.   We had a romantic dinner before he left for Turkey, and a Skype yesterday.  When I get back we will do something on the date of our Turkish reception as well.

It seems crazy that I have been married a year. But crazy in a good way.  Like Crazy Awesome!  Living with your BFF who also happens to be your lover is a great way to spend your life.


He makes life exciting.  He whisks me away for romantic weekends and is always on the look out for things I will enjoy.  He knows when I am having a bad day and pre-orders take out for us.  He holds me when I cry and and when I laugh.


I want nothing more than many more decades with this man, on our own adventures.

Happy Anniversary  Şekerkalbim!


This Saturday I went to an amazingly lovely wedding.  My cousin Eulalie and her new husband Mike were married in their apple orchard underneath a beautiful old White Ash Tree.


Eulalie and Mike started dating around the same time as Bulent and I did.  We shared a lot of the beginning trials and tribulations of new love and relationships.  I was so happy I was able watch their relationship grow and be a part of their special day.


We had a lovely time seeing family and friends.  It has been almost a year since our wedding.  It was amazing to go to a wedding and just be able to attend, as opposed to being the host.  Best wishes to the happy couple for a long and beautiful life together.

Oh Home!

Sweat+Blisters+3 Hours=3 acres of shiny freshly cut lawn


Now I just have to do this every five days for the rest of the summer.


On the plus side…no one needs a gym when you have a yard with an incline like this.


And yes, that is a truck and a trailer parked on the lawn.  It is NH after all.  We also have a car graveyard in the woods.

Coming Home, For A Battle

If you have noticed, I have been blogging a little less in the past two months.  I have been preoccupied.  There is work, and my Master’s program.  And then there is the Big C.

My father has had cancer for many years.  He was given a crappy prognosis about 14 years ago.  He kicked major ass.  He refused to believe his life was over more than a decade ago.  He found new treatments, got into experimental programs and generally was a hard ass with the doctors and told them, No—I will not die—so figure it out.  And they did, and he won.

Well another battle has started.  A couple of months ago he started having some major health problems—turns out it is a new, more fancy*  cancer.  He has always loved to upgrade!

So, I am home for the summer.  Usually when I come home for a couple of weeks there is a lot of running around, visiting, friends and family.  This summer I will be home for eight weeks.  I will still be running around, but with a different agenda.  Running errands, taking Dad to chemo, doing chores to make the house run smoothly, etc.  I will be able to visit with family, too.   My mom has been amazing, taking care of the house, their business and Dad with good humor and grace.  My brother has been great too, as well as my parents’ community. People really want to help, neighbors and friends have been dropping by to help with house projects and leaving food.  However, this summer I am hoping to take over many of these things so that Mom can have a break from being on medical duty 24/7 and have time to work in the office.  I will also be the official “Kitchen Bitch” as we call it at our house.

It has been great to be home with my family, and be helping out.  I have been able to *do* something.   The last two months have sucked, nothing is worse than feeling impotent when your family needs help.

So, I am counting on my Dad being a stubborn SOB, and telling cancer to F*ck off again.  Because that is the kind of guy he is, never runs away from a challenge and never cowed by the odds.  I don’t do the God thing, but if you want to throw some good thoughts our way, positive Karma can is always a good thing.  Karma can be a bitch, and I want it to be our bitch.


*fancy aka “wicked” rare.

Home Again and Back

Last Sunday I flew home to the US for a whirlwind visit.  We had many plans to do many things.  While  was able to do most of those things, we had to plan and re-plan ad revise our plans.  This was because of the snow! DSC_0055

I love snow and I miss snow so I didn’t mind.  My parents have so much snow that the mounds from pushing off the deck are snow several feet higher than the four foot deck itself.  The snow now needs to be lifted and thrown.  DSC_0039

When I was home I was lucky enough to see a lot of my family, including several cousins, my parents, grandmother and my darling  brother.  My parents thought it would be fun to take a trip to New York.  One of my aunts lives in NYC, so we headed down to see her.  It was lovely.  My parents and I took the Acela (fast) train from Boston.  It was wonderful and quick, only about 3.5 hours.  There was one small issue though.  On the way home it took 7 hours instead of 3.5 to get back to Boston.  This was because our train derailed less than a mile outside of Penn Station!  We had to be evacuated from the train, they built a staircase and shoveled a path to transfer us from one train to another.  We then had to go back to Penn Station and get on the next train a couple of hours later. No one vas hurt and it certainly spiced up the story.  Why was your train late?  Oh, no reason– it just derailed, slid off the tracks and we were evacuated.  (It was only the first two engine cars actually, but sounds better that way.)

Train wreck aside, the visit was wonderful.  I had an amazing time just hanging out with my parents, going snow shoeing and shopping.  It was so nice to spend time with my family and friends, I really enjoy these trips home. I think the time with my family seems so precious because it is so limited.

I am now sitting in an airport waiting for my plane back to Ankara.  I am happy and excited to be going back, but also glad that the plane has no rails to have issues with.

No Internet Connection = Irregular Posting

We won’t have internet for the rest of the month.  So posting may be spotty.  That is fine since it gives me the opportunity to post wedding porn!

So the lowdown on the wedding…It was fantastic!

We had a fairly small wedding on the lakeside.  The actually ceremony was under a tent on the shore and the reception was nearby at the boathouse on the same property. We had a small wedding party, just the matron of honor, the best man and a flower girl.  We wrote the ceremony, which included a ring warming, and the whole thing lasted about seven or eight minutes. 

My friends were amazing.  I had one friend drive up from Kentucky the Monday before the wedding (which was on a Saturday.)  My friend spent the week doing laundry and yard work and anything else that we asked, to help prep for the wedding.  My other friends all helped out and decorated the boathouse for the wedding. 

My matron of honor was amazing.  Not only did she arrange the shower and help with invitations and make my jewelry for the wedding, but she also hosted another one of my friends from out of town.  Her husband actually drove two hours to the airport to pick my friend up.  My friends are wonderful and I am so lucky.

There was one small hitch.  My Matron of Honor got a flat tire on the way to the wedding.  She calls, says she already has the tire iron out and shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes late, just then in the background I hear “That’s a might pretty dress…”  Some boys stopped and helped her and she was only 10 minutes late. It worked out fine.  While we were waiting for her I shoved my future sister-in-law out of the limo to start the ring warming so the guests would get too antsy.  Enough with the talking though….Wedding Porn.


Nazar Boncu pinned to my dress


My brother and me at our home.

whole fam

My parents, brother and me at the house.FIRST KISS

First Kiss


Walking out as husband and wife. (Music: Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder)


Walking to the boathouse with my men.


Wedding cake, which my mother and I made.  She has the skill, I just helped. 


  View from the boathouse.

More photos coming later, including tales from the Morning After Brunch.  That’s right, my mom threw an after wedding brunch for 75 people and cooked it all herself. And it was tasty!

Pig Roast means pork right?

My cousin lives in New Hampshire, she and her fiancé own several hundred acres of orchard and a couple of houses that sit on the property.  With their gorgeous setting they have hosted parties and weddings over the years.  This year they decided to host a “Pig Roast.”  In translation that means a pig on a spit, cooked for 12 hours, and a keg of beer.  However my cousin, in her infinite class and wisdom, decided to do a whole lot more. I arrived to find the whole orchard mowed, a large tent with several picnic table covered by table clothes, and a tremendous amount of tasty food.  There was guacamole, salad, casseroles, lasagna and paella.  That is right.  This was a “Paella and Pig Roast.”

after wedding 002

(There were two large paella-That’s right, be jealous)

I might have eaten enough to impress the young men there.  I think after my 2nd or 3rd plate one guy told me,  “ I KNEW I liked you!”

Then there was the pig.  Oh the pig! Scary to look at, moist and delicious and tasty!

after wedding 004That was a lot of pork, but I ate as much as I could and then snacked all night!

My younger cousin and his friends were there too.  The young guys thought that the keg would be lonely if they did not keep it company. To do so they decided to do “keg stands.”  I had no idea what this was—I went to an all women’s college-We drank profusely but never standing on our heads.  Our university taught us all about gravity.

after wedding 021“Keg Stands” are when you tip yourself upside down, other people hold your legs steady and you drink directly from the keg tap-while upside down.  This particular guy upped the challenge and started doing upside down push-ups while drinking beer upside down.  Wowza!

I was able to eat copious amounts of food, mostly slow roasted pork, scarf paella and hang out with my cousins all night.  It was a wonderful time and an awesome party!

Sib Date

I will be posting wedding photos as soon as I get the photos from the photographer.  I will try not to gag you with them, but seriously, I will be posing some!  A few weeks ago my brother and I went on a “Sib Date.”  We dressed up and went out together, to catch up and hang out before the wedding.  We never have to discuss where to eat as the answer is always: SUSHI!  We were super hungry when we got there, and we may have over ordered.


We did the best we could, but we had also ordered appetizers.  But a sushi extravaganza with sake is both my brother and my idea of a good time.  My brother is a super sweet and cool dude and it is always great to be able to hang out with him.


Negligent Blogger Backlog…

Since I have been back in NH I have been running around like crazy.  I have been seeing friends, cleaning and polishing the house along with all the regular pre-wedding stuff.  A quick run down…

Bacon.  Pork.  Pork chops, pork loin, eggs and bacon, BLTs, etc.

The first morning I was in the States I went out for breakfast with a friend.  BACON!!!


Also my mom makes the BEST dirty vodka martinis! I have been practicing since I have been home.  Practice makes perfect, and also is tasty!


Bachelorette party in New York with my aunt and cousins!


I also took this opportunity to stock up on ridiculously expensive make-up for my wedding.  ‘

BT DUB—Totally worth it!



And a bridal shower.   I can’t carry much back with me to Turkey so my friends organized a lingerie bridal shower.  I will be the best dressed women who has ever gone to bed.


And then on July 24th, I got married!


Bulent’s parents are in town for a week, so I will try to update on the upcoming New England adventures.