No Internet Connection = Irregular Posting

We won’t have internet for the rest of the month.  So posting may be spotty.  That is fine since it gives me the opportunity to post wedding porn!

So the lowdown on the wedding…It was fantastic!

We had a fairly small wedding on the lakeside.  The actually ceremony was under a tent on the shore and the reception was nearby at the boathouse on the same property. We had a small wedding party, just the matron of honor, the best man and a flower girl.  We wrote the ceremony, which included a ring warming, and the whole thing lasted about seven or eight minutes. 

My friends were amazing.  I had one friend drive up from Kentucky the Monday before the wedding (which was on a Saturday.)  My friend spent the week doing laundry and yard work and anything else that we asked, to help prep for the wedding.  My other friends all helped out and decorated the boathouse for the wedding. 

My matron of honor was amazing.  Not only did she arrange the shower and help with invitations and make my jewelry for the wedding, but she also hosted another one of my friends from out of town.  Her husband actually drove two hours to the airport to pick my friend up.  My friends are wonderful and I am so lucky.

There was one small hitch.  My Matron of Honor got a flat tire on the way to the wedding.  She calls, says she already has the tire iron out and shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes late, just then in the background I hear “That’s a might pretty dress…”  Some boys stopped and helped her and she was only 10 minutes late. It worked out fine.  While we were waiting for her I shoved my future sister-in-law out of the limo to start the ring warming so the guests would get too antsy.  Enough with the talking though….Wedding Porn.


Nazar Boncu pinned to my dress


My brother and me at our home.

whole fam

My parents, brother and me at the house.FIRST KISS

First Kiss


Walking out as husband and wife. (Music: Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder)


Walking to the boathouse with my men.


Wedding cake, which my mother and I made.  She has the skill, I just helped. 


  View from the boathouse.

More photos coming later, including tales from the Morning After Brunch.  That’s right, my mom threw an after wedding brunch for 75 people and cooked it all herself. And it was tasty!

7 thoughts on “No Internet Connection = Irregular Posting

  1. Your photos are showing up on my PC. Has anybody else mentioned this? It could be just my PC. I have been having all kinds of problems with my pictures appearing on my blog- but only when viewed from Turkey!! And only if I use Windows Live Writer to post with. (Aside from this major problem, it is a wonderful blogging tool.) Apparently the Turkish government has accidentally included Picasa Web albums-(where blogger stores your blog pics) on its banned site list. I believe I know that the problem is but getting any solutions seems too far a stretch for the "modern" customer service facilities on the web. Anyway, I thought you might want this bit of feedback.

  2. Beautiful pics, beautiful day, beautiful bride!!! Thanks for sharing! I love the story about the flat tire. And that cake is just lovely! I really can't wait for the Ankara wedding! Miss you!

  3. Gosh, a little word like "not" can make such a difference. Yes, sorry. I could NOT see your pictures. I can only speak for my PC. Your pics do not seem to appear. Just blank squares with tiny icons in the center and the names of the pics at the top of the square. The second commenter (myankara) seems to have been able to see them. I used Chrome but also checked with Firefox and it's the same problem. I hate having to use the crappy default post editor that comes with Blogger. It is always an unhappy experience but at least the pictures show up. I myself have a choice of reposting ALL my pictures, going back some two years, if I want anybody inside Turkey to be able to see them. UGH!

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