Waxing and Homonyms

On Wednesday I did something I have been wanting to do for a while, yet at the same time dreading it.

For weeks I have not been shaving so I could participate in the Turkish practice of waxing.

Turkish women wax their body hair as culturally body hair on women is considered unclean.   They wax *everything*.  I asked my friend about the practice, she said that she waxed everything in the past, even her arms.  She gave me a recommendation for a waxer.  Then she demonstrated the depth of her friendship.  She called, made my appointment (I did not have the necessary Turkish vocabulary,) and then told me she would meet me there to translate what I wanted to the esthetician.  She did say I was on my own for the waxing–which is best for our friendship considering the positions I had to assume.

While it was not butterflies and kittens the waxing was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  Actually, it was not really painful at all, though that may be due to the skill of the esthetician.  It was an interesting process, and also interesting to think that a majority of Turkish women do this on a regular basis.  While I was assimilating culturally I also found my first Turkish homonyms

Aci—means spicy.  Aci—also means hurt.  So at first  was confused when she said, “This will be a little bit spicy.” (in Turkish.)  However the word confusion was quickly cleared up when a large chunk of hair was removed.

Bir az aci= This will hurt a little

The second homonym is “paket.”  In Turkish “Alo Paket,” means take out.  In a restaurant if you ask for “paket,” it means take home package otherwise known as a “Doggie Bag.”  As it turns out “paket” also means the nether regions.   So when an esthetician asks you if you want a “paket” wax that means both front and back and everything in between.

Both words are good to know.  Beware yabancis, if you ask for paket in the wrong context you may end up getting something you were not expecting.

7 thoughts on “Waxing and Homonyms

  1. I enjoyed reading about your experience. I haven't had the experience of waxing down there–I just do not have the patience to let it grow out enough and the fear of it will hurt too much.Glad to here it was not uncomfortable but I will probably stick with the electric razor. lol

  2. I'd once waxed the love below. The process was not bad. It was the aftermath, the strange resemblance of a plucked chicken and even worse the *spoiler* 5 ingrown hairs. The. Horror. I knew my hair was thick and that was ALWAYS a good thing. Apparently it's not advantageous where the "sun don't shine". Anywho…I always love reading your blog when I find the time.

  3. It was interesting! I just went and checked out your blog, but couldn't leave a comment since there were no posts yet. Are you new to Ankara?

  4. I had to go back and read this because I finally braved a waxing session here and remembered that you had written about it. Totally opposite experience! I used to go at home but was afraid to go here. It was definitely time and Mustafa accompanied me to do the talking (ha!). PAINFUL! The whole time I was thinking “don’t most Turkish women do this? Why does she have no idea what she’s doing?!?!”. I looked like a racoon after from my mascara running due to my watering eyes! Next time (eek!) I will definitely try another place 🙂

    • I would suggest you find a new person. Not all waxers are the same. I promise. If you have any girlfriends you could ask them for a recommendation. I would also take an Advil before you go. It helps. Also, if it was hot–sometimes the wax doesn’t set enough during the summer if there is no air-conditioning. I found that out the hard way once.

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